Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pet Peeves

It’s time to get stuff off my chest. I just finished reading the August issue of Vogue magazine – “The Age(less) Issue”. On page 84 the contributors are asked what they love about their age. While I thought most of the answers were spot on, my blood pressure skyrocketed when I read Creative Director Grace Coddington’s reply, “Indulging in expensive clothes – cheaper ones don’t look good on an older person.”

Now unless I’m mistaken, most women don’t have access to Vogue’s closet or Donald Trump’s bank account. I guess what this means is that we should all stay home or better yet skip the rent, or invest in designer clothes. And while we’re on the subject of age-appropriateness, Ms. Coddington may want to rethink her Alice in Wonderland hair.

My other and all-time pet peeves are:

1. Worn, distressed, faded, torn or whiskered blue jeans, unless you are: a) a farmer; b) a ranchhand; c) homeless. Why in God’s green earth do you want to look like a bag lady?

2. Flip flops. I don’t care if they’re trendy Havianas or cheap 99 cent store versions, they shouldn’t be worn anywhere but the beach or the park - definitely not to the theater, office or downtown.

And finally, no matter what you think, any stiletto heal over three inches isn’t a pretty sight. Especially the latest crop which look more like lethal weapons than shoes. I have yet to see any woman wearing a pair who didn’t look like she wasn’t counting the distance to the nearest podiatrist. Pain isn’t sexy.

Now you know where I stand on a few things. I’d like to know what your pet peeves are.

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