Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pick Six

The next best thing to winning the lottery (well, maybe not) are these six terrific spring collections I checked out at the Coterie. AN ORIGINAL PENGUIN by MUNSINGWEAR’s vintage-inspired contemporary RTW collection was spot on. My personal faves include the "mod" ¾ sleeved coat in a khaki geometric print cotton, the coated linen/cotton swing trench jacket, the twill blazer with contrast piping and the cute plaid dress and Bermuda shorts. Believe it or not, the latter preppy style looks fresh and new again!

I must recommend BYRON LARS BEAUTY MARK, an affordably priced line of feminine dresses and separates. Byron has probably single-handedly revived the wasp waist with his iconic shapely silhouettes (first spotted on his fabulous runway shows many moons ago). Now his latest incarnation doesn't disappoint – only the price points are better. He offers a fabulous crisply tailored, yet still feminine stretch cotton coat with flirty bow back, a chic stretch twill group and a darling black and white gingham, full skirted sleeveless dress.

And You Shall Know Beauty By Its Mark!

So there you have my top six picks. Check them out these hot designers and their spring 09 collections in store around mid-February and remember, when times are tough, the tough go shopping.

After a week's much needed break from fashion, I trotted over to the spring Coterie trade show at the west side Piers and the Jacob Javits Center. Talk about fashion over kill. However, this is one show that I never pass up as most of the top RTW and accessory collections show here. OK, so what did I absolutely love this time around? In no particular order: BEN-AMUN's fabulous over the top and right on target aurora borealis star necklace, the branch coral on "gold" necklace and all the oversized chunky jet pieces blew me away.

On Your Neck and Out of this World!

Next up, I got a nostalgic thrill when I came across STEPHEN BURROWS WORLD. This was a name I remember from my swinging '70s days. Not one to rest on his vintage laurels, Burrows offered some terrific, easy summer dresses and separates in khaki, sand and stone cotton broadcloth.

All Grommets and No Wallace
Stephen Burrows Makes a Smart Dress

image by Paul Van Ravenstein

A newcomer to the show was a terrific, tongue-in-chic line called CA$HMERE where I found witty trompe l'oeil "Birkin bag" designs on sweaters and dresses and an oversized pink clutch bag with the words, Les Must de Counterfeit lettered across the front in gold. Tacky, but what a hoot!

Chinese Sweatshops Are Banging Out Fakes of These

More over the top were the dramatic rhinestone on sheer oversized necklaces from BONNIE STRAUSS repped at the Niche showroom. Finally, I was intrigued by the number of "vintage" type lines, in particular, WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND. What this actual vintage dealer did was produce a RTW collection with a youthful retro vibe aimed at those who want the look of vintage but not the actual stuff which can be pricey.

That's all for now, I'm all “fashioned” out! Time to switch my closets and get out the fall stuff… that could take days. C&C.

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