Friday, January 30, 2009

Pacific Overtures

It's that time of year again when we gear up for the fall fashion shows. So, little by little, the events start happening and while I get lots (yeah right) of invites I did respond to an interesting event last week. I, along with a couple of friends shlepped downtown to a cocktail party and fashion show sponsored by the Japanese External Trade Organization, etc, etc.

Now, why I think that this might be of interest to any of you out there in cyber space is because JAPAN FASHION WEEK IN NEW YORK – that's the title - showed spring apparel. That means that if you shlep down to SoHo, you can actually check out the merch for yourself at these participating retailers: Opening Ceremony, Theory, Tribeca Issey Miyake, Aloha Rag, and Destination N.Y.

So here's the deal. First of all, the venue was packed with various press, minor celebs (Sylvia Miles, who really does go to the opening of a postage stamp), the fashion victim who thinks wearing a silver fedora with a chain mail(?) drape/curtain, passes for style, and the usual guests of the designers, all swilling down the free plonk and sushi. Here's an insider tip: always stand near the entrance to whatever passes for the kitchen and you're assured of getting first dibs on the food.
I must give kudos to MAO pr who planned this whole event since they gave me a front row seat for the fashion show!

Out of the thirteen designers who showed, I singled out the following names; GV.GV. who offered up a cute zip front black crepe dress; HIDENOBU YASUI had easy pinstripe wide leg trousers; LEP LUSS did a chic double breasted, belted dress over slim pants that was part of an elegant, wearable collection; MINT DESIGNS had a great idea. They accessorized their fun rainwear with quirky "hats" perched at an angle in the shape of dinosaurs like a kid's origami cutouts. I loved the beige on white print big rain shirt with gathered sides.

In case you think I overlooked the menswear stuff, think again. SATORU TANAKA showed a nifty sky blue linen, zip front bomber jacket over simple chino pants, all part of a cool, casual collection.
That’s it. So, if you're interested in what's happening with these young, fresh names, check out their stuff at the afore mentioned retailers until February 1st so get going.

Next up, notes from the back row, fall '09 fashion shows/happenings/events…Until then, sayonara, C & C.

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