Monday, March 9, 2009

Fashion Week Redux

Ok, so some of my contacts sent pictures from fashion week. It took me a little while to come down from coffee and "health-food" diet upon which I survived, so without further delay, here are two late pics.

The Anna Sui show was February 18th. I was there. Braved wind, rain, concrete and those front row sitting... people. This was my favorite piece:

Anna Sui - She Made C&C'S Trek Worth Every Step

Kmart rocked C&C's fashion week with this look. One of the keys to Crap and Couture is to look beyond the brand or reputation and look at the final product. Kmart did very well with this look. Consider if Kmart put the same amount of effort into everything it did with its stores... they would be at the top of the retailers heap...

Kmart - smart, chic, and stylish. They discovered the key to success.

Next up... shoes. Shoes, shoes, glorious, yummy, happy shoes. Lots of shoes.


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