Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stephen Burrows World

Anybody who lived through the ‘70s remembers that generation’s hottest designer, Stephen Burrows. You weren’t in if you didn’t dance the night away in one of his flirty little lettuce edged matte jersey frocks or hit the Fire Island Pines and dance till dawn in his colorful separates. All the coolest people shopped at Steven’s “O” Boutique on Park Avenue South and 19th Street. It was the trendiest place to congregate (and this was way before “downtown” became the most coveted neighborhood for the in crowd).

All right kiddies, so why am I giving you a history lesson? Because Stephen Burrows never really went away – you can’t keep a great designer under the fashion radar for long. Sure, he’s still doing updated variations on his signature jersey numbers, but there’s a lot more to covet as I found out when I checked out his Resort collection. Now, don’t go crazy thinking that’s so far away, because stores will be getting deliveries as soon as November 30th. Please, I’m already looking ahead to the spring 2010 shows coming up right after Labor Day but that’s another story.

Back to the fashions – I LOVED the khaki broadcloth separates and dresses but I gotta warn you, start sucking in those stomach muscles now because most of his pieces feature a wasp-waisted silhouette with either high-waisted pencil skirts or laced front, full skirted charmers. Don’t panic, there are terrific slim tapered pants and three fabulous (very Mad Men) dresses that should retail under $500 and while that may seem like a lot in this economy, it’s money well spent, trust me! Moving on, there are also some cute sky blue polka dot voile tops to mix/match with crisp white shorts and the new palazzo pants in cherry silk linen. These I like paired with a resorty-looking Marina or reef print voile bustier with diagonal gathers and tie waist. Which just goes to show, you can be cool and look hot all at the same time.

Wasp-Waisted Is Right
Betty Wears This and Don Draper Never Stray!
-well maybe-

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That’s all for now. Talk to you after the New York Fashion Week frenzy is over.


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