Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lacoste’s Cutting Edge Fragrance Launch

If you’re going to launch your very first fragrance collection for men do it in ground breaking style. To that end, Lacoste invited members of the press to see the unveiling of a special interactive installation exhibited at Grand Central Terminal. Called La Machine, it’s stunning (not to mention enormous) design was constructed from hexagon-shaped modules resembling the scaly texture of a crocodile, the brand’s iconic logo.

In addition to the installation, we were treated to drinks, nibbles and a hip hop routine by dancers dressed in signature classic polo shirts. But you don’t really care about all the frills what you really want to know is if the three colognes smell great! Using my arms and those of my significant other guinea pig, I proceeded to test all three: Blanc Edition, a grapefruit, tuberose, ylang ylang,and cedar wood blend, Bleu Edition, with sparkling grapefruit, peppermint and watery fruits and Vert Edition comprised of violet leaf, fig, thyme and bamboo grass. 

Since I loved all three I just might have to keep them for myself. Until next time, C&C

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