Thursday, February 23, 2012

Groove On!

During Fashion Week, especially at the very beginning of all of the craziness to come, it is always lovely and refreshing to meet up with and see the work of a young, Brooklyn-based (Williamsburg, of course) designer, such as Ann Yee. Yee’s collection of hip, wearable clothing (yes, really wearable by real people vs. only those waif-thin models) all mixed up with a groovy sense of Brooklyn-inspired style, is young and fresh and cool and lovely, to be sure.

With a definitive nod towards a modern view of humanity and ecology (nice touch here), the designer shows an appreciation for the textures, movement, and dimension of caves (oui, caves), by way of emphasis on the topography, elements and minerals, usually seen only in the beautiful designs of nature. The custom “Cave Print”, acting as the heart of the grouping, is found on many of the pieces here, supporting the designer’s obvious love for this specific kind of natural beauty. According to Yee, “a cave … mysterious and dark from the outside; once you enter, there is always an element of surprise. With the silhouettes and cuts for the new season, there is definitely more than meets the eye”.

Ann Yee - Successfully Takes Fashion Spelunking!

Best known for her knitwear and 3-ply dresses, Yee’s aesthetic sensibilities for Autumn/Winter 2012, play off against an abundance of eclectic shapes, paneling and multiple layers, coupled with dramatic draping and heavier knits that exude a raw and earthy vibe. Further to the story, the color palette has a natural resilience, grounded with shades of slate, ink, concrete, blue and dusty purple; glints of citrine, amethyst, frost and rust, married with sand-washed crepe-de-chine, silk chiffon and Italian wools further set the tone of what this collection is all about. Nicely tying Yee and her offerings together is the fact that the collection was shown in a white-washed and very plain midtown NYC loft, far away from all of the madness and “done” aura of the uptown, Lincoln Center Tents. Adding more allure to Yee’s clothing were the somber models (excellent hair by ION Studio and make-up (Dex New York), as well as Laia Garcia’s deft fashion styling; minimal and to the point, with accents of silver jewelry from Linhardt and Dr. Maarten’s footwear, in expected black and new, surprising shades of purple. 

On a final note (and wonder of wonders), starting with Yee’s showing, and continuing all through Fashion Week, this editor noticed a resurgence of Dr. Martens short to high boots, along with lace-up and slip-on shoes, worn by more than just a few editors, models, and other, assorted fashion people, attending the shows, events, et al. So, kudos to Garcia for being one of the first to pick up on this new, old style trend early on. – ADWB, C&C editor-at-large

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