Thursday, May 3, 2012


I’ve always loved the taste of Juicy fruit gum. It’s sweet, fresh and habit forming. And that’s exactly how I would describe the preview of the Juicy Couture fall collection. Between music, the crowd of trendsetters and the delicious nibbles and drinks that waiters passed around it was nearly impossible to actually check out the clothes and accessories but nothing could get in the way of this intrepid editor on a mission to check out the goods.  

C&C Liked The Juice!
Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie 

Sure, much of what I saw was aimed at the younger set, however with a bit of judicious editing I found a lot of very wearable and yes sophisticated items. Case in point, the fabulous faux fur outerwear. I especially liked the steel grey “seal” topper that looked awfully real. Paired with a pair of flannel trousers it could work in the boardroom as well as with jeans on the weekend. Something to think about if you’re hesitating to shop at one of the Juicy boutiques. Age is all in the mind (at least my mind). I did long to own one of the hot magenta faux fur trapper hats but common sense will prevail. I’m still debating the wisdom of buying a pair of animal print ankle boots, they’re really sharp looking and the heels don’t seem all that high. Investing in a pair could really add zing to your fall wardrobe.  

C&C Got Pulpy Over These Four Looks!

Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

One thing that Juicy Couture does really well is coordinating all the accessories, handbags and shoes with their rtw and at this event the styling was on right target. If nothing else please buy one of the terrific necklaces, or any one of the clutch bags if you want a shot of color (yes, brights are still on trend for fall).

 Squeeze This Combo!
Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

I look forward to hitting the Juicy boutique as soon as the fall merchandise comes in and so should you. I have spoken! 

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