Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Actually I’m dreaming of a warm Christmas, which naturally brings me to the topic of holiday gift giving. Yeah, I know designers are gearing up for the spring shows but let’s get real folks it isn’t even fall yet. This is the season when smart shoppers start their search for the perfect gift. This time I have some suggestions that encompass more than just apparel and accessories, ta da!

At a recent press event I got a first hand look at the 2012 holiday preview that left me drooling for most of the various products from some of the biggest names in beauty, fashion and consumer goods.

I fell in love with AIRCRAFT’s infused scentsticks. My apartment never smelled so good and the best part – no more messy oil (somehow I always managed to spill all over), just fragrance infused paper reed design that’s accompanied by a cute modern vase. New seasonal fragrances include Balsam Snow and Cinnamon Hearth. Either one can be mixed and matched with Aircraft’s existing fragrances for a one-of-a kind blend. This will make a great stocking stuffer, as would SCENTSICLES scented ornaments. Made of natural fibers and infused with pure fragrance oil, they offer a flame free way to add an authentic scent to holiday greenery. 

Scentsicles Cure the Age Old Problem of Smelly Christmas Stockings

Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

Scentsicles can be hung from tree branches or tucked into wreaths and garlands. These are perfect for those of us who don’t want to put up a live tree yet still enjoy the scents of Christmas.

I don’t usually get excited about table top accessories but when I saw founder and creative director Elad Yifrach’s gorgeous designs for L’OBJET I was blown away. Forget about giving his items I want to get pieces for myself (that’s a hint folks). Feel free to indulge my cravings with a set of his place card holders and salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a Japanese pagoda and I promise to give a dinner party!

L'Objet - It's the Thing to Give (C&C) for the Holidays

Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

Through incorporating precious materials into functional works of art, L’Objet has has become one of the fastest growing and innovative luxury goods companies.  Visit to view the whole collection.

Let us now turn our thoughts to fashion and beauty. For the former I have chosen to highlight MARIE FRANCE VAN DAMME, a new resort wear line offering consumers a stylish and sophisticated collection of swimwear and gorgeous apre swim cover ups and caftans. The palette features unusual metallics, vibrant prints and solids in fabrics ranging from filmy silk chiffon to silk sateen and jersey.

 It *Might* Be Chilly for Swimming in December, But MFVD Will Have You Scorching!

Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

Believe me most of these pieces can go from the pool (preferably in St Barths ) to cocktails and dinner. So if you’re feeling really generous and know someone whose holiday plans include a beach resort anything from this collection would thrill the recipient.

Now that we’ve taken care of the bod let’s focus on skin care and OWN, an affordable line of anti-aging products launched this past spring. No harsh chemicals are involved, the brand’s technology targets the signs of aging by activating the body’s own chemistry to increase the skin’s metabolism, enhance collagen and repair the moisture barrier. 

One Word to Stay Young:  OWN

Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

I won’t bore you with all the technical gobbledy gook, instead I say go ahead and give it a try. I’m already hooked on the Rejuvenating Cleanser, a soothing creamy face wash that’s supposed to remove dead skin cells. If I turn back the clock about twenty years, I’ll let you know. Priced right the brand is worth a try and again could make a nice stocking stuffer, besides who doesn’t want to be the first to try out something new! So those are my suggestions for holiday gifting (most of which I have no problem giving to myself), but you may be more generous…

Happy shopping, C&C.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Les Enluminures Exhibition

From July 9-13, be sure to check out an interesting exhibition titled RENAISSANCE GLOVES AND RINGS at the new Les Enluminures gallery at 23 East 73rd Street.
Bespoke slashed gloves were inspired by Renaissance trendsetters (yes they existed even then), eager to show off favorite jeweled finger rings. By the 1520’s “slashed” gloves cut to reveal the rings came into fashion. Now here’s the best part. Visitors will find both Renaissance rings for sale and similarly inspired slashed gloves – in four sizes, different colors and with different cuffs. The gloves are offered for sale on a custom order basis at the Gallery. For the serious modern day fashionista this exhibit presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a magnificent piece of history while looking fabulously original in the process. 

More Importantly Than All the Minor Advancements in the Arts, Renaissance Fashionistas Solved the Dark Ages Problem of Gloves v. Rings.  Hooray for Modern Thinking!

And Now A Cameo of Hercules...
Even In Those Halcyon Days, Big and Beefy Was In!

The gallery is open daily from 11-5. For more info go to:

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