Monday, July 9, 2012

Les Enluminures Exhibition

From July 9-13, be sure to check out an interesting exhibition titled RENAISSANCE GLOVES AND RINGS at the new Les Enluminures gallery at 23 East 73rd Street.
Bespoke slashed gloves were inspired by Renaissance trendsetters (yes they existed even then), eager to show off favorite jeweled finger rings. By the 1520’s “slashed” gloves cut to reveal the rings came into fashion. Now here’s the best part. Visitors will find both Renaissance rings for sale and similarly inspired slashed gloves – in four sizes, different colors and with different cuffs. The gloves are offered for sale on a custom order basis at the Gallery. For the serious modern day fashionista this exhibit presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a magnificent piece of history while looking fabulously original in the process. 

More Importantly Than All the Minor Advancements in the Arts, Renaissance Fashionistas Solved the Dark Ages Problem of Gloves v. Rings.  Hooray for Modern Thinking!

And Now A Cameo of Hercules...
Even In Those Halcyon Days, Big and Beefy Was In!

The gallery is open daily from 11-5. For more info go to:

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