Monday, November 25, 2013

About Face

… And the rest of the body! Yours truly had an opportunity to check out some new products recently (in spite of the fact that we’re flawlessly gorgeous). At a press conference held at Magnolia Bakery (I’d attend just for the sweets, but digress), we got the chance to experience first hand GLYTERRA-gl, an anti-aging regimen designed to help firm the appearance of wrinkles etc. The two part system consists of highly concentrated day and night creams. Also included in the presentation were SeroVital capsules meant to be taken internally twice a day. I won’t go into the technical stuff since it’s all gibberish to me. But this much I can tell you, after using the creams for the past month, my skin really does seem to be looking and definitely feeling better. The bad news is that the price is steep at $135. For a one month supply but if skin damage is your downfall, give the product a shot. I’m not so sure that eating two cupcakes at the event did my skin any good but you gotta enjoy life!

Glyterra Event at Magnolia Bakery - Cupcakes and Anti-Aging Creams - A C&C EE Ticket!

Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

While I’m on the subject of skin care you might want to check out ECOGENICS, an active botanical product line. This skin care company was recognized as best in North America in 2012 /13 by the Taste Awards so they must be doing something right. The range is paraben-free, contains no animal ingredients and isn’t tested on animals. There are three treatments offered for, dry, regular/combination or oily skin. Each contains a cleanser, skin serum, moisturizer, micro-dermabrasion cream (my fave) and a mineral masque soufflé. The former products are meant for daily use while the latter two are only to be used twice weekly. Simple, effective and worth checking out at or call toll free at 877-372-6972.

Now that my face looks ten years younger (you just have to take my word for it) let us move on to the body. I came across a new launch from noted beauty expert SONIA KASHUK. I’ve long been a fan of her affordably priced makeup line that’s sold at Target since I LOOVE a bargain! Now there’s even more to love with the launch of her delicious body creams and bath gels and hand creams offered in a choice of three wonderful fragrances. I’ve fallen in love with the body creme wash in a gorgeous tuberose/plumeria floral scent but they’re all great and lather nicely. So head to Target asap. **P.S. Sonia also has a perfect new red lipstick for holiday so get your butt moving.

Now that we’ve covered the bod let’s move on to hands. There’s a new nail polish brand in town called LVX that colorwise follows closely the emerging fashion trends. The unique color collections are designed to follow the top colors of the season while still maintaining a timeless appeal. In addition the polish has a superior formula that’s socially responsible and eco friendly. LVX is non toxic and vegan, not to mention long lasting, chip resistant and streak free. There’s no formaldehyde, DBP, toluene or camphor and are produced right here in the USA. From now till Dec 31st 20% of all sales go to PETA so don’t wait, start shopping. I’m personally in love with all the shades but especially the holiday trio of Alchemy (a gorgeous gold that’s on my fingers right now as I’m typing), Sanguine and Luxe. Spring shades look even better with colors including a mauvey Azalea, vivid Citrine orange and Fantom, a pure white. There are other shades but these are the most elegant – no one needs bright green or indigo nails. I have spoken! For info on where to buy go to

La Vie Zen Spa Event for LVX Nail Polish - Great Nails, Happy Animals, and Spa Life - Christmas Came Early!


 Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

Until next time, that’s all folks, C&C.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lounging Around

During Fashion Week it isn’t only what’s being shown in the tents that interest me. Sometimes the lounges offer more interesting designer collections in a setting that makes checking out the merchandise up close and personal easier to focus on.

Papyrus knows:  You need the right cards for lounge life!
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

 Ebay - Buy It Now, Lounge Life!
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

While I did find many cosmetic/skin care brands on my travels I want to wait till I have a chance to personally try each one out and give you my input. That said, there were some accessory collections that caught my eye and I feel are worth mentioning. D’ANDREA handbags were on the classic side but with a contemporary edge that I found appealing. The chain handled leather bags with quilted angled flaps come in a host of fresh spring bright colors that will add zip to any outfit. Best of all, this family owned firm makes its bags here in the good old U.S.A.

D'Andrea Handbags at GBK Lounge
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

I chanced upon an interesting luxury handbag line called DB that stands for Diana Bousso a Dakar, Africa-based designer. Her handmade premium leather, suede lined bags are worth the price. Particularly striking is her high fashion take on the backpack done in a combination of ostrich, croc and calfskin. Each is accented with the gold hardware initials db on the front. This isn’t your everyday backpack, but a true couture item that will last a lifetime. Check out more at

Every season there are jewelry designers that I feel compelled to investigate and SATYA showcased some beautifully delicate pieces from the Peacock and Winter Solstice collections while CYNTHIA GALE’s jewelry is aimed at the customer who prefers her modern, eclectic art inspired pieces done in sterling silver.

Satya at GBK Lounge
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

Cynthia Gale at GBK Lounge
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

LULU AVENUE designs by Jude Frances is strictly for the fashion forward customer whose up on the latest trends. I especially covet her wrapped leather bracelets worn in multiples but there’s so much more to choose from.


Lulu Avenue jewelry at GBK Lounge
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

DEE HILFIGER (yes that’s Tommy’s wife) showed up with her latest collection of rtw handbags and footwear for HSN, the shopping network.  I was blown away by the tartan plaid, crested slippers that could easily hold their own against Ralph Lauren. My love affair with plaid is well known among my friends so naturally I gravitated towards Hilfiger’s coordinating handbags that are roomy and very stylish and beautifully finished inside and out. Keep on the lookout for this designer brand.

Dee Hilfiger at HSN Lounge
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

Next time I’ll let you in on some of my beauty picks. Until then, C&C.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Another opening, another show and yours truly managed to make my way through the mass of shows and lounges to give you my take on the spring 2014 fashion outlook.

On and off the runway these were a few of the designers that caught my eye. While I’m at it, let’s just cut through the chase and admit that you’ve probably seen most of the collections online etc. already so my focus is on some of the more affordable designer shows that maybe didn’t get the major press notice they deserved.

Never having seen or shopped DESIGUAL’s collections I had no expectations so I was blown away by the runway presentation. There were lively colors in florals, tie-dye and stripes that blew me away.  Don’t know why I was surprised since this is a very popular Spanish brand. This happy collection got off to a great start with a group of black/white dresses and coats then segued onto a white top with patch pockets and striped palazzo pants and a “Mediterranean” crop top (a major trend for spring) with a striped long skirt flowered on the side. Another winner was the “Barcelona” belted city ketch print raincoat and colorful striped tote.

I haven’t been to a NICOLE MILLER show in quite a while so I was interested to see what she was up to for spring. These items caught my attention: the muted floral print trench, a beaded and sequined garden maze tee and printed net skirt, a pretty shredded ribbon appliqué silk dress that called to mind the ‘20s Gatsby era, a lovely ivory leather ¾ coat with embroidery shown atop a print tee and jacquard jeans. By far my fave pieces were saved for the finale – gorgeous ivory scroll embroidered and printed pleated silk dress and a cornice beaded peach silk maxi dress – both outfits were to die for!

I always get a kick out of figuring out ANNA SUI’s influences each season. This time around the theme seemed to be a mix of Pre-Raphaelite airy fairy Maidens/ Biba’s ‘70s clothes as photographed by Sarah Moon/and the Beatles hippy period (the latter came through especially in the mens’ velvet pants mixed with print linen jackets jacquard sweaters and warp print chambray shirt). In case you thought I didn’t like the collection, you would be wrong. Taken separately, I would love to own a few of the separates (and no, I’m not too old for some of Sui’s stuff. Her prints were divine, especially the acacia wallpaper print chiffon dress slipped under a copper scallop sequin cape. For flower children (yes there are still some) note her sand color secret garden embroidered msh dress and the cream waterlilly print iridescent chiffon flapper dress.

Anna Sui Modernized the 70s to C&C's Great Appreciation 


I didn’t expect to be blown away by another “celebrity” designer but that’s just what happened when I attended the DAISY FUENTES runway show. Summer at the beach in Malibu was the theme listed on the program and after viewing the show I was ready to board the first plane out to California! Here’s what I want from her spring collection (available exclusively at Kohls). Where to start? Why not with the perfect white washed charmeuse trouser suit (very ‘70s Bianca Jagger’s wedding number), segue to a cropped crepe de Chine camisole and “pacific coast” striped flowing palazzo pants. If you’re like jumpsuits there’s a cute knot front number in a “lagoon” print crepe de Chine that’s perfect for beach or cocktails later.

Daisy Fuentes - Her Own House of Style!



Photo Credits:  M. McKenzie

With the money you saved shopping at Daisy Fuentes, why not blow your rent money at DENNIS BASSO. For my money invest in (ha!) his white embroidered moto jacket atop black floral embroidered cotton dress (blk/white is another major trend), or the pale rose sable jacket with blk/petal pink embroidered cocktail dress. For those gala events that always seem to crop up unexpectedly. Go for Basso’s knockout white alligator vest with full skirted, embroidered tulle gown or a sky blue and blk lynx belly and alligator wrap paired with pale rose and sky embroidered gown. You can get double wear out of any one of Basso’s crop fur jackets by pairing them with jeans or linen pants. Such a bargain!

Korean designer SUN JUNG WAN’s collection is aimed at the elegant ladies of a certain age and wallet. I loved her off-white and dove grey color blocked shift dress, the geometric patterned dress with subtle metal beaded details and a zippy citron jacquard cocoon dress with side cutouts. Also adding a shot of color, a coral sequin mini dress with open weave leather hem and a stunning gold V-neck sequin dress.

Korea also came to the forefront with a surprisingly good runway titled Concept Korea that featured four different designer collections. Highlights included KAAL EISUKTAE’s white two button half coat with back volume over sheer tee and cropped pants, BEYOND CLOSET’s cute mustard/red/navy panel denim jacket, beige polka dot shirt and beige shorts for the guys and my favorite collection, BIG PARK who offered a darling pink leather biker jacket with striped cotton trim thrown over a library print cotton shirt and black wool romper. I also loved the cream wool dress with phoenix embroidery. All of the above collections are aimed at the very young and hip.

Talking about foreign designers I must mention the Argentine Designers runway presentation. Out of the seven who showed there were five who stood out. Number one: TENAZ showed a saleable collection that I would love to buy, namely the pink crop top with white pleated pants and the pink/navy beaded and printed jumpsuit with matching jacket. MARIANA DAPPIANO’s flowing resort looks caught my eye, especially her long color blocked gown. VIVIANA UCHITEL’s showed a very feminine collection with fluid looks that had major appeal. I covet her v-neck silk dress in burgundy, grey and blue while DANIELA SARTORI produced a swingy short halter dress in cream. MARCELO GIACOBBE was the final designer who showed and he didn’t disappoint.

My pick for the best of the best, the glamorous white jacket and pant with beaded mesh top.

That’s it for now. Next time I’ll fill you in on the various fashion week lounges and the accessories/apparel/beauty products on display. C&C.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hot Flash!

I came across this handbag line during a recent troll through the last accessory show at the Javits’ Center. RWITI caught my eye because of the vibrant color palette, fabric and texture mix and the bold graphics.

To quote the designer, Rwitti Roy, her customer is a trendsetter who looks for unique pieces and is unafraid to experiment. For example, some of the combinations include combinations like raw silk with tissue silk and leather and woven cotton and textured leather with ornamental dangling jeweled accents. Silhouettes range from classic clutch bags to hobos and satchels.

No Matter How Hot or Humid, There Is No Excuse To Miss Getting A Rwiti!


So if you’re on the hunt for something new and different go online to for info on retailers who carry the collection.

Until next time, happy hunting, C&C.

Friday, August 9, 2013


We’re not talking Jimmy Choos or even Birkin bags (although I wouldn’t turn down either one), no I’m talking about diamonds. Let’s face it, ice is nice and that’s what the latest Louis Vuitton Haute Joaillerie collection is offering to your average couture customer (which I must stress is definitely not moi).

In this bold collection Vuitton pays tribute to the techniques of the past and age-old cut of stones combined with a contemporary aesthetic. While all of the pieces are simply breathtaking, I adore the Monogram flowers in diamond lace. The Peter Pan collar harkens back to the Victorian era and is supple and delicate. Invisible threads set with rose or brilliant cut antique diamonds converge on a front clasp. This collar would nicely dress up any little black dress or sweater hanging in your closet – just saying.

Wendy's Best Friends:  Peter Pan, Louis Vuitton, and Diamonds.

If plain diamonds are just too boring check out Vuitton’s Fleurs D’Eternite necklace. Showcased in a setting based on flower knots, there are strands of faceted white gold beads intertwined with diamond beads that cascade over the skin. Interlacing diamonds outline sculptural Monogram flowers with round or pointed petals that surround a gorgeous hunk of green, indicolite or Paraiba tourmaline.

"Eternal Flowers" Sounds Maudlin, Unless You Know They Are Darlin' Carbon

Don’t need another necklace, then check out the matching earrings and ring.

Personally I love bracelets and there’s a killer one in the collection. Fashioned in white gold, it features guilloche enamel in red spinels and pink sapphires outlining the brand’s signature LV monogram motif against a diamond mosaic ground. Just another way to show off those ubiquitous initials!

I could go on and on since the collection includes gorgeous rings, (my size is six and a half in case you’re interested), a necklace that converts into two bracelets (for the thrifty shopper) and lots more to dazzle you. So dream on, diamonds are a girls best friend!

Until next time when we go back to reality, C&C

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sale on Buy

We’re talking bargains not boats! If you’re a savvy shopper like me you know the best time to buy summer stuff is when the sales start in late June, early July. That being said, I combed the city to find the best buys for the money and the following are my picks for a work to weekend wardrobe. All of the stores listed have numerous outposts in Manhattan.

BOLTONS is the place for perfect white cotton blend fly front slacks by Calvin Klein at $39.99 that are a great buy. If you add the matching single- breasted blazer at $69.99 you’ve got a versatile and chic pantsuit. Each piece can do double duty on its own for weekends in the country.

JOE FRESH is offering cobalt blue skinny jeans with white tuxedo stripes down the side for a whopping $9 bucks. Perfect to pair with the Boltons blazer. Add a pair of Joe’s pastel suede flats with metallic cap toes for work at the nicely reduced price of $29.00 and one of his crisp cotton button down shirts in fun colors. Get a couple of these since they’re only $9.00 now.

PRIMA DONNA came as a pleasant surprise when I stopped by its Jackson Heights boutique (not to worry, they have others in Queens and Manhattan). A careful search turned up some hidden gems. Number one 
find- a cute pair of red/white striped cotton lace-up espadrilles on sale for less than $15.oo. They also do a nice version of the Tom’s espadrilles for the same price. Moving on I spied a terrific anchor necklace on a 20” chain that comes in white, red, and navy plastic with diagonal contrasting color stripes. It definitely looks twice the price of $12.99 and will give any summer outfit a jaunty nautical appeal.

H&M can be a zoo to navigate during the sales but fear not, your intrepid shopper braved the crowds and found a couple of items worth the aggravation of long check-out lines. My first pick has to be a snazzy east/west zip top tote bag in off white grainy faux leather.

The understated styling belies the nice price of under $40.00 For work or play, this shopper will take you anywhere. Stick in a pair of the brand’s white “patent” ballerinas for $12.95 and you’re good to go.

UNIQLO at last look see had adorable printed rayon shorts by Celia Birtwell for a measley $10 bucks on sale (by now they’re probably even cheaper), and a terrific selection of tees and tanks at low, low prices and many colors. Worth checking out as there’s always something great on sale here.

That’s all for now. Hope these hints get your summer off to a great start. Happing hunting!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Culture Club

Believe it or not, not everything revolves around fashion. Yes even I need a jolt of culture now and then. To that end I recently attended an event at Christie’s auction house to see a preview exhibit called “A Queen Within, Adorned Archetypes, Fashion & Chess.” Now you have another reason to go to St Louis, between October 19 – April 18, 2014 to the Chess Hall of Fame.  Who knew there was such a place? 

The exhibit will span over 3,000 square feet at the museum and include fashion (bien sur), photography, film and artwork. The exhibit will explore the relationship between power, risk taking and the queen’s evolving feminine roles in chess and society as told through examples of fashion, etc.

The so-called fashions on display on the mannequins at the preview were beyond fantastical – even more so than some of the getups that turn up during fashion week. My favorites included Alexander McQueen’s gold embroidered “poem” coat featuring lines from a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, and Hussein Chalayan’s frothy clear “bubble” dress. For more info contact World Chess Hall of Fame, or call 314-367 9243.

My travels in search of intellectual stimulation took my to New Haven and the Yale Center For British Art on Chapel Street. While I just missed the museum’s Edwardian Opulence exhibit there was more than enough to keep me satisfied between the gorgeous portraits by Reynolds, Romney, et al. and the Turner seascapes plus more modern works (and admission is free). The location, just a hop and a skip from the gorgeous Yale campus, is next door to one of my fave places to eat, Atticus, a café and bookstore that has great food and a terrific selection of reading material.

While we’re on the subject of food, note Chocopologie at 47 High Street, a pint size dessert and candy emporium with mouth watering sweets, drinks and two tiny tables. A must stop on your agenda.

By now you probably know that as a dedicated fashionista there’s no way I could pass up a chance to do some window shopping. My first top was the Barnes & Noble’s bookstore and Yale apparel shop. There I picked up a cute cotton cardi in grey with the Yale bulldog and logo across the front. Too expensive for my budget but simply stunning were the weighty cream cotton sweaters for both sexes (very Chariots of Fire) and the hoodies in a range of colors. My rambles took me further afield to 265 York Street and Jack Wills, a terribly British –in a good way- boutique. Think a more interesting preppy version of J McLaughlin and Brooks Brothers with a younger slant and better prices.

I lusted over their polo shirt with signature embroidered duck with top hat and cane. Also fab, the striped Breton ¾ sleeved tees and for the guys, the elegant striped “Belgrave” blazer. Think punting on the Thames, sipping a Pimms cup, and you get the picture. For more info on this “Fabulously British” shop contact them at or call 1866-280-9963. Hopefully their next boutique location will be right here in Manhattan!

Have a happy summer, until next time, C&C

Sunday, May 19, 2013


By now you’re probably aware that a good portion of my wardrobe consists of JOE FRESH apparel (plus shoes, natch). I recently got a peek at the brand's Fall/Winter collection and flipped out. 

Highlighting the season are separates and dresses with a Parisian jazz influence. That translates to a lot of black with touches of metallic and embellishment that add a a tough chic vibe.

JOE FRESH -Fall 2013
Swirling Louis Armstrong, Edith Piaf, a Pack of Gauloises, and 
a Motorcycle into Fall/Winter 2013
It's That Good.

Key items include lots of faux leather, laser cut neoprene, studs, prints and embellishments. Personally, I would be very happy with anything from the collection. I think it’s Joe’s best yet!

Later, C&C

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not that kind of district. 

Red Light is a pr company that holds a press preview twice a year to showcase its fashion clients’ latest collections of RTW, accessories and shoes.

The Red Light's Lure:  
Come In, Little Independent Fashion Editor...

Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

Armed with a much needed cup of coffee I made the rounds of the various fall 2013 lines and narrowed my focus to those that caught my eye. The following are my top pics for quality, style and (for the most part affordability). You’ll find most of these at the better boutiques starting in June/July. 

S.I.C COUTURE’s shawl collared tuxedo blazer and cuffed short in wool glen plaid was chic and on trend as was KATHY WILSON’s silk lined lamb leather cocktail dress and her gorgeous brocade pants and matching sleeveless peplum top. 

S.I.C. Couture - Exactly Made, Exactly Stated [sic] 
Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

I always look forward to the UK-based DARLING collection. Sure most of the clothes are aimed at a younger customer but I could easily see myself in the black “Teresa” Chanel inspired jacket piped in white and trimmed allover with camellias. Simply adorable shown over a white Peter Pan collared blouse. I could also see myself in Darling’s brocade crop jacket if not the black crepe polka dot dress with sheer sleeves. 

Darling - Looking Good on Both Sides of the Atlantic 
Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

GENTLE FAWN offers exclusive prints and some pretty silk tops, however I zeroed in on the perfect wool blend, zip front coat in camel just to be contrary! I’d wear this all winter. 

Gentle Fawn's Wool Blend Coat - Obdurate Warmth, Agreeable Style!

Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

As far as accessories, etc. I fell in love with DANIEL ESPINOSA and his high-end jewelry line, particularly the open work butterfly necklace in 22k gold plated silver that’s a real statement piece. Also drool worthy, the black and ivory bakelite cuffs with bezel set semi precious stones. 

Daniel Espinosa - He Made C&C Covetous!
Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

SILK BY BRYONY is a collection of magnificent delicate silk scarves printed with unique photo images that Bryony (a talented professional photographer) gathers on her world wide travels. As we speak she’s off to Africa to shoot more scenes to incorporate in her next collection. 

Art, Travel, and Neckwear - 
Three of C&C'S Favorites in One Elegant Package! 
Bravo, Bryony!
Photo Credits:  M. McKenzie

I would be remiss if I didn’t include at least one footwear company. JELLY POP showed some terrific boots, pumps and more, but I especially loved a jewel toned velvet point toed ballet flat accented with a gold bow and the more casual quilted red plaid slip on shoes. 

Jelly Pop - For Once, Jelly Is Better Without Peanut Butter!
Photo Credits:  M. McKenzie

That’s all folks, until next time, C&C

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Let’s be clear about one thing, I never wear blue jeans! It’s not that I have anything against denim, it’s just that I can’t stand the look of worn, faded, distressed or otherwise torn jeans, it literally makes me sick. That said, I was invited to preview the fall collection from HENRY & BELLE, a Chicago-based jean brand that’s been around since 1931 (so you know they’re doing something right). Yes, they carry the classic blue denim jeans but it was a super skinny, coated pair available in bronze or sable that got my juices flowing. Dressed up or down these add a fresh new look and can work day or night with the right tops.

Henry & Belle - Jeans for All, Even the Jean-ophobes! 

Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

Other winners included the ethnic pattern in autumnal shades of gold, a black on black baroque version and the black side stripe (great for elongating the leg) pant with zipper detail in petrol grey. There’s a lot more to choose from but if you’re looking for something different and chic check out this brand. The best part – with every sale at Henry & Belle, a portion is set aside for charitable causes. You are entitled to be part of this by choosing the cause that will receive a donation on your behalf. 

Henry & Belle's Options - Better Looking Than Wall Street's


Visit to learn about the causes, then enter your purchase code to voice your choice. Once you’ve done that, the company will make it possible for you to hear directly from the individuals it supports. Pretty terrific, no? Consider me converted. Until next time, C&C.

Monday, April 15, 2013

True Couture

We all know that there’s a lot of crap out there so when I chance upon some really top of the line stuff I feel obligated to pass on the info to you.

Remember Kathy Ireland, the ex model? Well, guess what. Not only is she famous for designing furniture, et al, now she’s into designing top quality cashmere apparel. KATHY IRELAND for BRODIE CASHMERE just launched a fall collection of sweaters, accessories, tunics, wraps etc fashioned from the finest Mongolian yarn offered in wonderfully subtle colors and in sizes ranging from s through xl. Let’s face it, cashmere is the king of knits and this debut collection is spot on for style and quality.

Why not dress up that understated cashmere ensemble with a bit of bling. Nothing garish you understand just a bit of subtle sparkle.

Enter BOMBAY JEWELLERY - with two "L's" and its delicate diamond collection. I fell in love with the range of its "Naturally Pink" diamond rings, particularly the designs that featured stones of one carat or less. Sometimes less truly is more as this collection proves. Bombay Jewels also offers delicate drop earrings, studs and more but it’s the rings that stand out. Not cheap by any means but worth the money. What’s that old saying, diamonds are a girl’s best friend? How true! 

Pink Rocks, Pink Rocks, Pink Rocks!  Bombay Jewellery's Pink Diamond Ring 
is C&C's Favorite Rock Star!

**Thank you, Ana Martins PR for Letting C&C See Bombay Jewellery!

Now that I’ve dressed you it’s time to add the finishing touch and that’s French perfume, bien sur! HAYARI PARIS is the newest collection of luxury fragrances from the couture house of Nabil Hayari, a Parisian fashion designer. Let me tell you right off the bat, I’m very particular when it comes to perfumes and the packaging. 

Hayari - Beautiful Perfume, Elegantly Contained!

Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

I want a fragrance and bottle design that will stand the test of time since I save the prettiest bottles. Hayari is offering three gorgeous scents that I would happily purchase. “Goldy” reflects a warm, powdery, woody glow and is a blend of jasmine and orange blossom, sandalwood and cedar. “Broderie” (my favorite) features lily and gardenia, complemented by sandalwood, amber and patchouli. “Only for Her” blends grapefruit, Egyptian jasmine, peony and magnolia, with hints of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla. So far the fragrances are available exclusively a C.O. Bigelow in Manhattan and retail for $145 for a 1.7 oz bottle. For more info go to

Now that I’ve taken care of your appearance why not go all the way and make your living arrangements “couture” as well? Enter LALIQUE and the introduction of a brand new collection of Art deco-inspired furniture, interior design accessories and –wait for it – luxury bed linens. Internationally renowned designers, Lady Tina Green and Piero Mingarelli have created the entire Lalique Maison collection produced by master craftsmen in black or white lacquer or ebony wood detailed with the magnificent crystal that the brand is famous for.

Lalique - At Home and at Rest 

Photo Credits:  M. McKenzie

Before you get carried away let’s go back down to earth since the prices are definitely in the couture category but a girl can dream. Why not settle for a piece of Lalique jewelry or perhaps a small vase or perfume flacon? In any case it doesn’t cost anything to dream so stop by the Lalique boutique and start training your eye. Couture isn’t always about price so why settle for crap?

 Until next time, C & C.

Crap and Couture, Notes From the Back Row