Monday, November 25, 2013

About Face

… And the rest of the body! Yours truly had an opportunity to check out some new products recently (in spite of the fact that we’re flawlessly gorgeous). At a press conference held at Magnolia Bakery (I’d attend just for the sweets, but digress), we got the chance to experience first hand GLYTERRA-gl, an anti-aging regimen designed to help firm the appearance of wrinkles etc. The two part system consists of highly concentrated day and night creams. Also included in the presentation were SeroVital capsules meant to be taken internally twice a day. I won’t go into the technical stuff since it’s all gibberish to me. But this much I can tell you, after using the creams for the past month, my skin really does seem to be looking and definitely feeling better. The bad news is that the price is steep at $135. For a one month supply but if skin damage is your downfall, give the product a shot. I’m not so sure that eating two cupcakes at the event did my skin any good but you gotta enjoy life!

Glyterra Event at Magnolia Bakery - Cupcakes and Anti-Aging Creams - A C&C EE Ticket!

Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

While I’m on the subject of skin care you might want to check out ECOGENICS, an active botanical product line. This skin care company was recognized as best in North America in 2012 /13 by the Taste Awards so they must be doing something right. The range is paraben-free, contains no animal ingredients and isn’t tested on animals. There are three treatments offered for, dry, regular/combination or oily skin. Each contains a cleanser, skin serum, moisturizer, micro-dermabrasion cream (my fave) and a mineral masque soufflé. The former products are meant for daily use while the latter two are only to be used twice weekly. Simple, effective and worth checking out at or call toll free at 877-372-6972.

Now that my face looks ten years younger (you just have to take my word for it) let us move on to the body. I came across a new launch from noted beauty expert SONIA KASHUK. I’ve long been a fan of her affordably priced makeup line that’s sold at Target since I LOOVE a bargain! Now there’s even more to love with the launch of her delicious body creams and bath gels and hand creams offered in a choice of three wonderful fragrances. I’ve fallen in love with the body creme wash in a gorgeous tuberose/plumeria floral scent but they’re all great and lather nicely. So head to Target asap. **P.S. Sonia also has a perfect new red lipstick for holiday so get your butt moving.

Now that we’ve covered the bod let’s move on to hands. There’s a new nail polish brand in town called LVX that colorwise follows closely the emerging fashion trends. The unique color collections are designed to follow the top colors of the season while still maintaining a timeless appeal. In addition the polish has a superior formula that’s socially responsible and eco friendly. LVX is non toxic and vegan, not to mention long lasting, chip resistant and streak free. There’s no formaldehyde, DBP, toluene or camphor and are produced right here in the USA. From now till Dec 31st 20% of all sales go to PETA so don’t wait, start shopping. I’m personally in love with all the shades but especially the holiday trio of Alchemy (a gorgeous gold that’s on my fingers right now as I’m typing), Sanguine and Luxe. Spring shades look even better with colors including a mauvey Azalea, vivid Citrine orange and Fantom, a pure white. There are other shades but these are the most elegant – no one needs bright green or indigo nails. I have spoken! For info on where to buy go to

La Vie Zen Spa Event for LVX Nail Polish - Great Nails, Happy Animals, and Spa Life - Christmas Came Early!


 Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

Until next time, that’s all folks, C&C.

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