Monday, April 28, 2014

In the Red

Every year I look forward to attending the Fall press event at pr firm Red Light. It’s always easier to get a handle on the latest fashions when I can see every line they represent in one central location. While not every collection captured my interest, there was enough great merchandise to report on.

I might as well begin with handbags since the right one can make or break an outfit. ANAT MARIN’s collection skews toward boho chic. My picks include the hair calf clutch with turquoise accent on the flap, the matte faux croc handbags and a fab snakeskin oversized satchel ­ great for work or weekend getaways. Find more info at

Anat Marin Puts the Accent on the Flap
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

For ladylike dressing there’s HUTCH. I found a charming range of dresses in their exclusive prints and a gorgeous color blocked brushed wool blend topcoat. It’s also available in grey/black/metallic dot gold. Perfect for cocktails is the subtle gold leopard jacquard sleeveless sheath and a perfect choice for any age.

Hutch's Topcoat Blocks-Out the Rest! 
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

DARLING always offers pretty, feminine dresses and separates and this go round was no exception. I particularly love the Œ50s inspired blue lace sheath (very Dolce and Gabbana) that was a standout among a strong collection. 

Darling's Classic Style Keeps C&C's Feet in Two Centuries.
 Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

At FOREVER UNIQUE I like the faux leather trendy short jackets. There’s a zip trimmed fit and flared version that is very reminiscent of Thierry Mugler and the Œ80s. I personally prefer a bit more “today” so I must mention a gorgeous black/white houndstooth princess line dress that I must own! It even has side pockets.

Forever Unique - Debate Black and White as Much as You Want, Pockets Win Hands' Down!
 Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

Like Darling, SEE U SOON is a London-based rtw firm. What stands out for me is a chic, sophisticated one-button coat in camel wool that could easily pass for Celine’s trendsetting version that’s been the hit of the fall runway. At least, this one is affordable and just as elegant.

 Dat Coat!
C&C Photobombing See U Soon's Offering.
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie
Leave it to the Canadians to come up with interesting cold weather clothes. Montreal-based DEX offers a terrific group of clingy knits and roomy sweaters. I love all the ones that combined textures, patterns and interesting weaves. The offbeat color palette make this collection even more unique and eye catching. 

Dex Makes the Cosby Sweater Relevant and Stylish!
Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

Another Canadian brand is FREED & FREED. This is a 4th generation family owned firm so you know that they must be doing something right to stay in business so long. I drooled over gorgeous English tweed parkas, jackets and multi season coats with fur-trimmed hoods. Each item is beautifully finished both inside and out. Sure you’ll pay for quality but every coat will last forever and look great in the process. P.S. they also carry men’s outerwear as well in case you’re so inclined. 

Freed & Freed - Canadians Know How to Weather a Long Winter:  Look Fabulous!

 Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

Last but definitely not least is my favorite collection, CWB (Comes With Baggage), a line of carefully curated vintage clutch bags. What sets them apart are the messages written in script on the front of each clutch. The sayings are very tongue-in-cheek and can range anywhere from “What are you bitches lookin’ at?” to “White is the new black.” Carrying one of these will definitely turn heads and isn't that what we all want to do? 

See more at

CWB - Your Baggage Now Comes With Its Own Set of Issues!
Photo Credit: M. McKenzie

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