Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's BS

Get your mind out of the gutter. BS stands for baubles and shoes! As you’re probably aware by now, I adore accessories and footwear and every chance I get I pass on what’s new and interesting.

The following brands are sold primarily in boutiques across the country. Therefore I’ll list websites that you can log onto to view their lookbooks.  

Believe it or not I hardly ever make a return trip to a trade show but when I saw HOTCAKES DESIGN JEWELRY I fell in love and decided I must make a return trip on the final day of the show to purchase a couple of samples. This San Francisco-based company has been in business for about 12 years and I never even heard of it! Quel Horreur! I adore vintage jewelry and especially bakelite pieces and Hotcakes resin pieces satisfy my craving for that retro look. I’ve actually purchased a couple of their designs at the NY Historical Museum’s gift shop. In fact, they’re jewelry is sold at many museums as well as boutiques. To see the collection go to www.hotcakesdesign.com

Reentering the North American market after successfully developing its brand in Europe is nOa ecco (yes that’s the correct spelling). Quirky and whimsical items are available in resin, shell, wood and decoupage. I loved the colorful pins and the chunky necklaces best but the whole line is adorable. Find out more about this Spanish brand at www.noa-ecco.com  

Closer to home are two brands based in Connecticut. VERA WOLF has been in business since 1986 so they must be doing something right. The specialty here is handmade jewelry in sterling silver, accented with semi-precious stones. I have to be honest with you, I’m not a fan of silver but Vera Wolf just might change my mind. The designs are elegant, timeless and beautifully crafted. Go to www.verawolf.com

My other Yankee brand is INITIAL REACTION, a brand new line of wallets and bags and totes. Stylish, very affordable and made right here in Connecticut. I especially liked the leather handled totes with double outside zippers and initial accented circular plaque. Find out more at www.initialreaction.net

C&C'S Initial Reaction was:  Yummy!

Image Credit:  Initial Reaction

Believe it or not, I happen to be a fan of the preppy look (in moderate doses), a la C Wonder and Tory Burch etc. So when I came across Austin Texas-based jewelry line,WEMBERLY I was smitten. I loved the colorful chain linked bracelets with tropical themed charms, the faux tortoise cuff with gold bee accent, and basically every bangle in the collection. Wemberly also offers pretty croc patterned clutch bags in vivid shades. See more at www.wimberlyinc.com 

Tired of spending money on overpriced plastic footwear? Then OKA’s the brand you’ve been waiting for. Handcrafted in America, these “jellies” are fashion forward and eco-chic (up to 25% recycled content), colorfast and non-slip. The line also offers men’s styles as well but let’s stick to the cute ladies ballet flats and slides. I absolutely must have the “Jackie” a pilgrim buckled ballerina in olive with silver buckle or the sling back “Carrie” in twilight with a grey bow. So who needs Melissa, a Brazilian line when Oka (made here in Georgia) has it all – fashion, fit, and affordability? To find out more go to www.oka-b.com 

Coming up, Spring 2015 fashion news. Until then, C&C.

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