Monday, July 18, 2016


As an editor, curator and writer the incredible Diana Vreeland changed the rules of fashion. In her 26 years as fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar and nine years as editor in chief of Vogue she left behind a unique body of work and a reputation for transforming everything she touched.

Her grandson Alexander Vreeland following in her footsteps had the vision to launch a luxury fragrance brand. In 2014, he launched 5 eau de parfums with 3 additional fragrances the following year.  The collection comes complete with 3 scented candles. 

The latest edition available now is called OUTRAGEOUS COLLECTION. Diana's fearless nature was the inspiration for a range of daring parums absolu. Available in 3 scents....SIMPLY DIVINE, OUTRAGEOUSLY VIBRANT and DARINGLY DIFFERENT. They retail for $350.00 each for 50ml. Available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Sak's 5th Avenue.

If Only There Was a Scratch and Sniff App on Your Screen - Your Computer Would Smell Fabulous!


Table by Knoll
Photo Credit:  M. McKenzie

An upcoming article is on the latest craze for Swap & Shop from our editor at large AWB.


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